When you arrive in Sysmä, you come to the

. We have on offer princely beautiful and valuable cultural enviroments and the natural enviroment of forests and lakes. Our church village has been inhabited since prehistoric times; there are numerous so-called cupstones left as special memories, especially in the victinity of our medieval church and along the road to the port of Suopelto in Päijänne.

Sysmä Camping is located at the other end of the village center than the church. Next to camping, next to the village harbor there has previously been an inn in Sorsaniemi. In our area, Päijänne´s sheltered majutvesi has a long tradition of accommodation.

Camping´s main building was built by Sysmä´s municipal veterinarian Herman Buss gentleman´s villa architecture in the 19th century. Soon it also received an ornate facade cladding. In the tower part of the building there is an observation deck with has once housed a flagpole.
The modern, pink and desk-covered service buildings of our campsite were designed by architect Anne Ranta-Eskola in 2010.
In these handsome historic frames, we want to offer you a carefree and memorable stay.

In the 1930s, the name of our main building, Airola, was changed to Kokkola, because a writerYrjö Kokko who moved in Sysmä and became a municipal veterinarian, and Because of Kokko´s surname building name is changed to Kokkola. Yrjö Kokko is considered the savior of Finland’s national bird, the whooper swan, with the help of the awareness raised in his book The Whooper Swan – The Bird of Ultima Thule (1950). For the purposes of the book, Kokko moved to Lapland and described the nesting of an extinct bird. Kokko was animal-loving person; here in Kokkola, many wild animals were rescued and cared for, flew and crawled by Kokko and his children – you can also come to us at Camping Sysmä with your little pets.

Along the roads, fields and wetlands of Sysmä, you can see a lot of song swans and cranes loved by Yrjö Koko in spring and autumn, as well as many other bird species. A particularly good birding place is the scenic road from Vääksy to us, the Pulkkilanharju route. A wide range of natural and cultural sites in the countryside are very accessible to us, welcome!

Sirpa Rautiainen/Suur-Sysmän historian tuotteistaminen- hanke

Behind the link above you will find a test excavation report of the lawn area opposite us (the area between the sports field and the road). So we are located next to an interesting Iron Age residence!